The Project

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This website is about work Bandoola Productions is doing on the The Battle of Imphal. This work will lead, at a minimum, to a book and documentary film but we expect to tell the story in lots of different ways on different platforms. (I have a foot in the tech entrepreneur world and was previously an intelligence analyst so it is innovation as well as historical analysis that interests me.  My task now is to interest you!)

We do intend to concentrate on the Shenan Ridge part of the Battle of Imphal, thus we are not covering either the Tiddim Road axis nor Kohima. My father, then Major DM Sole fought in 2 Border there as D Company Commander, but in fact almost none of what we have done is about him specifically

We seek to do the following:

  • Tell the story of Shenan Ridge in a bit more detail than we have found elsewhere.
  • Use modern film and multi media technology to bring the story to a wider group of people than a book would do on its own.
  • Examine the Japanese aspects in some detail;
  • Challenge some conventional historical opinion where we think that is useful.
  • We seek not to repeat the excellent histories that are already published, although we do need to give our audience a basic narrative.

We will use this website but partly to air opinion and research as it unfolds and partly to tell of the story of the research. For example, I am writing this from Imphal ( October 2016).

The website is chatty, not polished work. It is me, researching and questioning things, having idea talking to those who are interested in the process of such a project and also the content.


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